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How Marketing Helped a Wellness Practice Connect with Their Clients

Mustard & Moxie is more than a marketing agency: we are a marketing consulting firm that helps businesses and nonprofits drive positive change in the communities they serve. We led the way for Larchmont Traditional Medicine (LTM), a holistic healthcare clinic in Los Angeles, to develop a messaging and branding strategy. This included a marketing plan that would resonate with potential LTM clients and generate excitement around LTM’s services. LTM wanted their clients to feel empowered to take part in their healing process and improve their lives in ways they never knew possible.

A segment of LTM's vision board

Jim Bloomfield, L.Ac., the founder of Larchmont Traditional Medicine, has spent twenty years guiding his patients toward whole-body health and long-term wellness. By treating underlying causes of illness rather than simply resolving his clients’ symptoms, he has helped thousands of people and grown a successful practice through word of mouth alone. When he was ready to expand his business even further, he realized he had difficulty expressing his brand. He began working with us to shift his messaging toward his approach to healing rather than the modalities he implements – acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 

Defining the Target Audiences

We delineated LTM’s target segment not only by demographics, but also psychographics, of clients and potential clients. This prepared LTM to more effectively speak to their leads and clients, establishing a sense of trust, care, and relief. 

“Through the development of buyer personas based upon our branding, we designed different communication strategies to reach our various client categories,” Bloomfield explained.

A key buyer persona was people who were open to becoming an active participant in their healing process rather than merely receiving treatment for their symptoms. Having the luxury of being located in a market where many local potential clients were already invested in nontraditional healthcare, it didn’t make sense for LTM to frame their marketing message around educating and converting people who don’t “believe in” acupuncture. 

Deciding on Core Values

We worked closely with Bloomfield to define the core values of his practice as well as his audience, using the marketing message to connect the two. We decided on the themes of connection, inspiration, and transformation. The process of establishing values and discussing the holistic healing process did more than serve as a tool to attract new clients – it also helped Bloomfield better articulate his mindset and services to his existing clients.

“These meetings with [Mustard & Moxie founder] Anna seemed so much more productive than what I had experienced with more formalized strategic planning sessions with other groups, which had gotten bogged down,” he remarked. “Anna has a talent for helping the client recover clarity and direction. Once the direction was established, the marketing plan followed naturally.” 

Updating the Visual Identity

The process of articulating brand values elucidated that Larchmont Traditional Medicine needed a new visual identity to represent those values in a powerful way. We curated a moodboard to which Bloomfield contributed references, and together we developed an inspiring new visual direction for the practice. A new logo, color palette, and font collection followed, laying the groundwork for a complete website redesign.

Click here to see the website redesign up close.

“The rebranding process helped differentiate our services and communicate the unique value of our brand to reach ideal clients effectively through strong brand identity. Rather than a rote, out-of-the-box procedure, the method was organic and dynamic,” Bloomfield commented. “Anna supported us with focused attention and active participation in the process, which allowed for the development of ideas and concepts customized for our business and what we offer.”

Implementing SEO

We also implemented SEO web copy. A resource library on the new website leverages SEO keywords to improve search engine traffic and also provides Bloomfield a catalog of articles to share with patients. “We are establishing the assets and systems required for long-term success,” he said. “Until we worked with Mustard & Moxie, we had an unmanageable list of piecemeal to do’s for our marketing and development. Now, we not only have a great plan, but also a way to put it in motion, which can evolve to meet our future needs as we grow.”

Let’s Talk

Marketing is a must for all businesses – even those with a service-focused mission who want nothing more than to help people. If you’re seeking better ways to get your message out into the world and start driving the impact you’re striving towards, reach out now to get the conversation started!  

Photo credit: Rodnae Productions via Pexels