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How to Write a Great Tagline

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear someone say “Just Do It?” What about when you hear “I'm lovin’ it?” These two taglines are simple, represent their brands, and are so memorable that they’re universally known.

What Is a Tagline?

What is a tagline and why is it important for your business? A tagline is a short phrase that captures your company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes your company from your competitors. The terms  “tagline” and “slogan” are sometimes used interchangeably but there’s a difference: A slogan represents a specific product or ad campaign, e.g. iPhone 14 and “Big and Bigger,” or Coca Cola’s “Open Happiness,” while a tagline represents the brand or company, e.g. Apple’s “Think Different” or Taco Bell’s “Think Outside the Bun.”

Fun fact: “slogan” comes from the Scots Gaelic word “slaugh-ghairm,” which means “war cry.”

The goal for a tagline is to embody your brand in a few words while getting a message across to your customers. In 1956, KFC (then known as Kentucky Fried Chicken), ran a TV commercial that showed a man licking his fingers after eating some chicken. A viewer called the TV station to complain that it was inappropriate. When word got back to KFC, the man in the commercial – who was also a KFC manager – retorted, “Well, it’s finger lickin’ good.” 

How to Determine Your UAP

When creating your tagline, it’s important to think about what makes your brand unique to your target segment. A Unique Advantage Point (UAP) defines who you are and what makes you different from your competitors. It’s important because it pushes you to think about exactly what unique value you provide to your customers. Consider your UAP by asking how your product or service will make your customers’ life better, what your competitive advantages are, and how your product or service is meeting the pain points of your customers. This will guide you to create a memorable tagline that stands out from your competitors. 

Not sure what your customers’ pain points are? Click here to learn how to put together a buyer persona.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you brainstorm your tagline.

Tips for Writing A Great Tagline

1. Keep It Short and Simple

Communicate your vision in one short phrase. No need to be overly cutesy or clever; a tagline needs to say a lot with a little. “Got Milk?” is short, simple, and gets to the point. You can challenge yourself to three to five words but don’t let that limit your creativity.

2. Tell A Story

However you position your brand or business, your tagline should evoke a feeling or emotion with the audience. “Inclusive Workplaces. Transformed Individuals” embodies Momentum Collaborative’s mission to incite personal change that leads to a positive impact within workplaces.

3. Be Clear in Your Message

Create an image in the mind of the consumer that connects to your brand when they hear the tagline. “Beauty for All” creates an image of inclusivity and reminds consumers that Fenty Beauty makes an effort to encompass all skin tones and skin types with its products. 

4. Make it Memorable

When consumers hear your tagline, not only do you want them to immediately connect it with your brand or business, you also want them to remember it. “The happiest place on earth” instantly reminds people of Disneyland. It’s memorable and connects with the vision that Disney has for its theme parks.

5. Describe Who You Are

Be clear in what you want your audience to know and the benefits of your brand: don’t make people guess what you have to offer. Dollar Shave Club is all about saving when it comes to shaving and its tagline, “Shave Time. Shave Money,” reiterates that.

Ready To Create Your Tagline?

A well-crafted tagline is an extension of your company and brand strategy. If you’re ready to take the vision of your brand to the next level, Mustard & Moxie can bring the moxie. Our team can develop a tagline that helps you stand out from the competition. Contact us here.