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Marketing for Good

Mustard & Moxie is the agency for organizations dedicated to being a force of positive change. Whether you’re leading a profitable unicorn startup or a grassroots nonprofit, if your goals extend beyond your bottom line you need a team that understands your mission and how to develop systems and strategies to fulfill it.

We are experts in developing and optimizing marketing and communications strategies that support social enterprise organizations and NPOs, with a focus on some key areas. With roots in brand marketing, our social impact marketing strategies are born of the strategies that top brands rely on to build brand love and power efficient growth. Putting these powers to work for good, we support NPOs through the transition from focusing solely on providing direct services to becoming powerful leaders of systems. We also guide organizations’ leaders through thought leadership development and bring brand development to the nonprofit and social enterprise space.

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We Help You Lead Systems Change

Mustard & Moxie serves nonprofit organizations and social enterprises who are looking to incorporate a systems change model in order to address systemic issues from a macro perspective. We help organizations become leaders in systems change with a three-step approach.

  1. We help our clients collect and analyze data on the communities they are serving, both quantitatively and qualitatively. It’s important to get hard numbers as well as hear about human experiences in people’s own words.
  2. We use this data to inform the stories we are telling. This means rather than saying “poverty is bad,” for example, we put numbers behind that story so we can instead explain, “poverty is impacting not just the people living in poverty, but also the entire socioeconomic ecosystem of our region in these specific and quantified ways.” 
  3. We use these stories to help our clients build partnerships. Together we identify who else is working toward the same vision – other nonprofits, local and federal government, corporations, private donors, etc. We then tell our stories in a way that brings potential partners to the table, excited to ideate and collaborate on systemic solutions. 
To see an example of this work, check out our case study, "Data-Backed Storytelling for Nonprofit Organizations."

We Help You Become a Thought Leader

If you’re a nonprofit or social enterprise leader, you are already an expert in your field and likely have no problem articulating the unique need you see in the community you serve. You understand the solutions that will mitigate or eliminate the needs you’re confronted with every day. We show you how to harness the knowledge and experience you already possess to become a known voice regarding issues and trends in your sector. Having a thought leader at the helm can help drive your organization’s mission forward, both by building trust with your audience and getting greater exposure to potential funding sources and partners. 

We Help You Define Your Brand

Every company and organization has a brand whether you realize it or not. The strength of your brand correlates to your reputation, your status amongst your competitors, and your ability to attract new clients, partners, and funders. We teach you how to create or update your brand with intention and meaning in a way that expresses your core values. 

To see an example of this work, check out our case study, “Reframing Brand Identity for Nonprofits.” 

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