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From out-of-the-gate in-store success to developing a DIY boba kit, Sunright Tea Studio partnered early with Mustard & Moxie to ensure their marketing was not left by the wayside as they grew at lightning speed. Opening their first store in 2019 as a brick-and-mortar bubble tea shop, Sunright may have hit the same obstacles as other restaurants in the dawn of the pandemic. However, thanks to a quickly and efficiently deployed online ordering system and proper planning for supply-chain disruptions — along with strategic marketing direction from M&M — Sunright has blossomed into a 19-location California boba empire, and launched their own DIY boba kit in 2021.


After sustaining massive popularity in the early days of the pandemic, Sunright decided to launch a DIY boba kit so boba fans could make great-tasting Sunright boba tea without leaving home. 

Sunright president Michael Lin shared, “I wanted to have something simple for the consumer to know and understand how to use our product. It is a new product that is not yet widely available in the marketplace, so simplicity is key for consumers willing to give the product a try.”


In order to ensure the successful launch of the new venture, Mustard & Moxie sought to increase brand awareness, diversify channels, and offer marketing advice for operating within the new pandemic landscape.

Additionally, it was important to ensure the DIY kit’s launch was aligned with Sunright’s overall branding and customers’ needs, and supported the offerings available in each of its tea shops.


Mustard & Moxie surveyed Sunright fans via Sunright's Facebook and Instagram pages to find out why they loved Sunright so much, continuing to flock Sunright Tea Studio locations even in the earliest days of the pandemic. With more than 300 responses in 48 hours, we discovered that the primary driver of boba consumption was simple – happiness! Over and over, Sunright consumers used words like "happiness" and "joy" to describe their Sunright experiences. One even noted, "It makes me feel like I'm putting on my favorite pajamas."

Using the idea of happiness and some essential competitive research as a foundation, Mustard & Moxie presented over 40 name options, and from there built out three concepts for taglines and package copy. Sunright selected the winning copy, which is now on the box of their DIY Boba Kit.

Lin shared that the most valuable aspect of working with Mustard & Moxie on the launch was “getting simple, yet direct content on what the product does. It is a very valuable aspect of a marketing company – that they can help communicate from our point of view.” 


The DIY Boba Kit launched via direct sales on Sunright’s website, as well in select retailers and grocers in California, and continues to support brand awareness while delivering delicious boba tea drinks that are ready quickly and easily at home. Lin said, “After we launched the kit, it helped to differentiate us from other tea shops. As of today, I still haven’t seen another tea shop coming up with an instant boba kit. I have seen other tea shops with boba kits that need an extensive cooking process, but none are as instant as ours is.”

Lin also shared that this was Sunright’s first time partnering with an outside agency for copy assistance. 

“We had been using our internal staff to come up with product descriptions in the past. Professionalism is definitely something that I see as a value of working with Mustard & Moxie. It simplified our internal workload to focus on what we are good at, which is coming up with new products and serving drinks to our customers.” 

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