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Mustard & Moxie Supports Community-Based Nonprofit

Operating a nonprofit organization (NPO) requires dedication to support the causes and individuals aided by the organization. The unique mission of each NPO demands that those with the know-how are focused on best serving the community or furthering the mission. Digital marketing in 2022 is an expansive and complex industry, with many nuances in identifying and targeting specific nonprofit audiences. While it’s sometimes difficult to use standard practices that product- or service-based businesses might, nonprofits can borrow concepts from other marketing models to reach donors and funders. 

Mustard & Moxie works with nonprofits to improve their branding, websites, and digital media presence across channels, regions, cultures, and causes. By teaching nonprofit clients how to approach marketing like a corporation would — with a deep understanding of pain points of target segments — Mustard & Moxie equips executive directors and NPO managers with the information and tailored marketing plan they need to improve their marketing efforts.

Customized Brand Development

Hispanic Services Council (HSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Latino children and families in Hillsborough County, Florida. HSC began a relationship with Mustard & Moxie with a goal of increasing visibility to constituents and enhancing branding. This included a complete redesign of on a new platform that was easier for the HSC team to manage and update on a regular basis, without relying on outside assistance. 

Mustard & Moxie approaches brand development as a partner investigating the needs of clients, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all (or one-size-fits-none) mentality. A necessary truth of marketing is that cookie-cutter tactics simply do not perform. This is especially true in the nonprofit space, where need is always high and resources are often limited, so all efforts need to be placed where they can be best utilized. As such, Mustard & Moxie sought to build a marketing program for HSC around their goals, competencies, and bandwidth, and not vice versa. 

“[Mustard & Moxie founder] Anna was very responsive to our needs and really took time to understand the issues we were facing in terms of our capacity. I really appreciated Anna’s incisive questions to get to the meat of the matter. She helped me to prioritize the various items [that] needed to be done, and meet deadlines we set, while truly comprehending my limitations,“ said Maria Pinzon, HSC Executive Director.

Website Redesign Driven by Core Values

Meeting with Pinzon for weekly consultations, Mustard & Moxie helped her articulate the core values of HSC and elucidate their target segments, along with the relevant pain points. Mustard & Moxie also provided marketing training so Pinzon could better understand how marketing supported the strategic goals of her organization.

Leading two branding workshops with HSC employees and board members guided Mustard & Moxie to use the story of HSC — its history, mission, people, and passion — to build a brand identity and create a new value statement. Those who HSC serves, as well as donors and funders, were brought into the scope of HSC’s targeting and marketing efforts.

“HSC’s new value statement has been instrumental to better introduce or present what we do and why we do it to new stakeholders. It is the central message being used to frame proposals, our fundraising events, etc,” Pinzon remarked.

After determining the branding strategy, the next stage was to implement the new marketing plan through a rebuild of the HSC website. By translating the refined brand identity and the new value statement into a new logo, web copy, and web design, Mustard & Moxie created a more cohesive and purpose-focused interface for HSC in its communications with both potential donors and those in need of HSC’s services. 

Mustard & Moxie trained the HSC team on marketing strategy and website platform so HSC’s contributors felt set up for success navigating marketing decisions and managing updates to their website in the future. “Anna helped to increase our confidence in taking over the website and ensuring content is updated and targeted to our audience,” Pinzon commented. “This helped us write content that is focused on what we do with clear and concise wording.”

Results of Rebranding and Website Transformation

Pinzon shared that she’s seen notable improvements in the NPO’s reach, communications, and reception since implementing new marketing strategies with Mustard & Moxie. “New visitors to our website have increased and the site has let us initiate new conversations with prospective funders and community partners,” she said. “HSC’s website transformation has been very well received by our staff, board, and community.”

Pinzon also noted that Mustard & Moxie’s guidance helped her address marketing for the organization going forward without the stress of juggling too much, or being left to figure it out on their own. “I found out that it was manageable if I focused on certain aspects at a time and not get overwhelmed with having to do it all at once,” she reported. She added that the most valuable aspect of working with Mustard & Moxie is their “respect and value to the work we are doing and the community we serve in order to tailor the tips and tools of marketing and branding to best highlight HSC.”

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Photo: Gabriel Tovar via Unsplash