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Why Email Marketing Works

8 Tips to Make Email Marketing More Effective

With the seemingly never-ending growth of social media as a form of communication, there’s a misconception that consumers – especially millennials and Gen Z – are no longer interested in email marketing. The truth is audiences still prefer to interact with brands via email. According to research, 53% of Gen Zers said they enjoy getting emails from their favorite brands once a week; it was 66% for millennial respondents

Consumers check their emails frequently: an average of 2-5 times a day, with nearly 22% of all email campaigns opened within the first hour of sending. As the work week ends, consumers look for activities and products to enjoy during the weekend; Friday has the highest open rate in comparison to any other day. Marketing emails also influence purchases, with 50% of consumers reporting that they make a purchase at least once a month via clicking on a marketing email. 

With 4 billion daily email users and the number growing each day, now is the time for businesses to lean further into email marketing.

There are multiple ways to make your email marketing more successful. While the goals of an email program are to increase the open rate, retain current customers, gain new customers, and increase revenue, the strategy doesn’t need to be over the top. At the end of the day, email is about connecting with your target segments and meeting them where they are. Here are eight tips for effective email marketing. 

1. Personalize the message. 

This can include directing the email to the consumer’s name or including topics or items that interest the consumer based on past purchases.

2. Don’t bombard with too many emails. 

Businesses see an increase in open rates (percentage of recipients who open your email) and click rates (percentage of recipients who click on links in your email) when limiting the number of emails to fewer than five a week. 

3. Don’t make it a sales pitch.

Find a way to connect with the consumer. Use humor and images to relate with the consumer on a human level.  

4. Build a loyal relationship with your customers. 

They want to know you’re not only about profits, so show your company beyond your products and services. This can be highlighting charity work or commitments to the community and/or engaging with customer comments, questions and feedback. 

5. Share your values.

Use email content as a way to show consumers your brand values.

6. Get to the point.

Keep the message short, between 50-125 words, and quickly get to the point. Include a Call to Action (CTA) to encourage your audience to respond to your email. The CTA should provide a way to connect with you or your product e.g. “find out more,” “buy now,” or “schedule an appointment.”

7. Keep it positive. 

With so many negative messages and disturbing news these days, your customers are looking for something to be happy about.

8. Optimize for mobile.

Make sure the email is optimized for mobile and other devices, but primarily mobile. Smartphones are the primary way consumers check their emails: 59% of millennials and 67% of Gen-Z.

Need Email Marketing?

A well-crafted email marketing strategy with a dedicated monthly budget can increase not only brand awareness, but also revenue. If you’re ready to employ email marketing to help meet your strategic marketing initiatives, Mustard & Moxie is here to support you. Our email marketing team can manage email strategy, content and execution to reach your customers in an impactful way. Drop us a line!